Can I Volunteer?

Yes - We welcome volunteers who want to participate directly and indirectly in this ministry. For those who want to work in the prison or be part of the outside support, continue reading. For those who would like to help, but don't feel called to work the Kairos Weekend, you can go to How Can I Help? Our teams go into the Alfred D. Hughes Unit in Gatesville Texas twice a year, usually in the Spring and the Autumn. The Kairos Weekends, although they get the most attention, are just the start of our participation. We ask that volunteers continue to participate in the weekly "Prayer and Share" reunion groups on Monday afternoons, as well as the 2nd Saturday reunions that take place each month. Each volunteer in encouraged to participate in at least one of these opportunities per month.

An integral part of the team on each weekend are the team members that work in support, outside of the unit. Since only men are allowed to be part of the "inside team" of a men's Kairos (likewise only women can go into the women's units), many of the outside support roles are filled by women who want to participate in the ministry. There is also always a need for men to participate outside, as some of the work needed in the support roles consists of loading and moving heavy objects and delivering them to those inside.

For more information on volunteering, e-mail us at, or download a team application and additional volunteer information from the Links and Downloads page